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If you lived, visited, or worked on the Gulf Coast and were diagnosed with cancer or other illnesses potentially linked to the BP Oil Spill, you may be entitled to compensation!

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BP Oil Spill-Related Medical Issues 13 Years Later Along the Gulf Coast

The explosion at the Deepwater Horizon oil-drilling platform was a nearly unprecedented crisis, and Texas, Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi and Florida continue to feel its effects. The disaster cost 11 platform workers their lives, discharged 210 million gallons of oil and required the use of nearly 2 million gallons of toxic dispersant.

The disaster presented a serious health risk to the population throughout the region, roughly 44 million people. At the height of the cleanup effort, more than 150,000 people assisted in the goal of removing oil from the Gulf of Mexico waters. Recovery personnel and the population in states that border the Gulf remain at risk for both short- and long-term medical problems due to exposure to oil and chemicals. The Downs Law Group represents people affected by the BP oil spill. If you worked to restore the Gulf of Mexico and have developed health issues, our attorneys are prepared to advise you.

Average, Hardworking People are Affected the Most

Millions of people depend on the Gulf of Mexico for transportation, recreational businesses, commercial fishing and other uses. The inability to use the area surrounding the oil spill caused serious economic distress for many industries, and the impact on the commercial fishing community has yet to be fully comprehended. Those who lived near the shore or on the bayous surrounding the Gulf of Mexico have endured costly property damage and are at increased risk for a variety of medical conditions.

Our firm represents:

Residents — People who live along the coastline suffered property damage and have been exposed to dangerous levels of poisonous chemicals. Our firm can explain your rights and options if you have been harmed.

Vacationers — Those who rely on tourism endured a major setback following the disaster, and others with vacations planned lost money when they were forced to cancel.

Cleanup Workers — Recovery personnel have reported severe medical effects and unsafe working conditions following exposure to oil and chemicals. If you worked to clean up the Gulf of Mexico, there’s no need to be afraid to report your ailments.

Fishermen — Charter boat personnel who rely on the Gulf suffered major losses following the spill, and boat crews are at risk for medical issues from residual oil or chemicals.

Vessels of Opportunity Volunteers — Captains and crew who courageously volunteered their time and boats to stem the flood of oil may not have received adequate compensation. If you have suffered damage or become ill, it’s in your best interests to speak with an attorney about your experience.

Oystermen and Shrimpers — Oyster beds and other marine life have suffered horribly in the wake of the spill. The crews who catch and process Gulf Coast seafood are also at risk for skin contact or inhalation of chemicals.

Oil Rig Workers — Drilling platform crew members have faced dangerous conditions, along with management that punishes employees for making complaints.

Victim Family/Friends — Are you a family or friend of a victim who is dealing with loss? To this day, many loved ones are suffering from the consequences of what’s known as the largest offshore disaster in the country’s history.

Frequently Asked Questions

Many people may not even realize that their condition is a result of exposure to the oil spill and toxic clean-up chemicals. Those exposed to the affected coast line have a right to compensation for the cost of medical treatment, property damage, psychological distress, and other expenses.

What medical conditions are eligible?

A wide array of documented acute and chronic medical conditions in all ages, including children, are eligible for compensation including certain kinds of cancers, blood disorders, tumors, ear nose and throat issues, skin conditions, neurological complications, autoimmune disorders, ocular impairments, cardiac problems, psychological issues, thyroid complications, chronic fatigue, and more. 

What areas are considered affected?

The shores of Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas and Florida continue to see the effects of that oil spill. 


Areas designated as Zone A are considered to be those that would receive the highest volume of oil and related damage. Zone A areas are beachfront locations, extending half a mile from the water. Zone A areas include:

  • Louisiana: all of Grand Isle, Louisiana
  • Mississippi: The Mississippi Sound between Pascagoula and Waveland, and Cat, Ship and Horn Islands
  • Alabama: San Souci Beach, Dauphin Island and Gulf Shores
  • Florida: The Florida coast from the Alabama border to Port St. Joe and the barrier islands on the Gulf Coast, including St. Vincent Island, Little St. George Island and Dog Island

If you are a resident in Zone A, you are entitled to certain levels of medical benefits, depending on the nature of your condition that was incurred by the oil spill.

Areas in Zone B also potentially received a significant amount of damage. Zone B’s terrain, however, is marshland or bayou. Zone B areas extend one mile from the sections designated on a map of the area. Those areas designated as Zone B include:

  • Louisiana: The barrier section of land surrounding Vermilion Bay and as far north as Harmon Lake, most of southern Louisiana from Lake Borgne to the Atchafalaya Delta, and Breton Sound and the Chandeleur Islands
  • Mississippi: An area from St. Catherine Creek National Wildlife Refuge through the Pearl River Island to Lakeshore, and from Jackson to the Alabama border, as far north as Pecan
  • Alabama: Zones in Alabama that extend from the border of Mississippi to Bayou La Batre and as far north as Alabama’s Coastal Connection, Coden, Mobile and Alabama Port

While Zones A and B are limited to only certain parts of the coast in four states, cleanup personnel in Texas are also eligible for compensation.

Do I Qualify?

The lawyers of the Downs Law Group work with you to help you understand the rules, so your claim is successful. If you have questions about your eligibility or how to apply for compensation, our attorneys are prepared to provide answers for your specific situation. Downs Law Group has trained medical staff and legal assistants who are designated as your specific case coordinators who work with the attorneys at the law firm.


Contact us today for a free initial consultation about whether you qualify for compensation.

What other claims are eligible?

  • Medical Benefits — Health problems are rising along the coast, and those who were exposed to oil and chemicals are most often in need of medical benefits. Exposure to oil and chemicals may be the source of neurological, respiratory problems, eye problems, skin conditions, stomach complications and sinus issues that have plagued many since the spill.
  • Cleanup Workers — Many brave recovery personnel were subjected to dangerous conditions without proper care. Those who endured this have a right to compensation.
  • Fishermen — Vessels of Opportunityvolunteers, oystermen, shrimpers, fishermen, vacationers and charter crews may all be eligible for compensation.
  • Oil Rig Workers — Drilling platform personnel exposed to negligence have a valid claim.
  • Coastal Residents — Locals along the coast have experienced a surge in medical problems in the aftermath of the spill. People who live in designated shore or bayou zones are entitled to compensation. Residents in Florida, Texas, Alabama, Louisiana and Mississippi may also be entitled to reimbursement for damages.
  • Property Damage — Damage to boats and shore property is costly and long-lasting. We work to get you the necessary compensation for this.

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