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At The Downs Law Group, we are dedicated to seeking justice for those impacted by widespread harm. Serving clients nationwide, our skilled attorneys focus on a wide range of mass tort and class action cases, including environmental disasters, harmful pharmaceuticals, defective products, toxic exposures, corporate negligence, and more!

Pursuing a mass tort or class action case is crucial not only for obtaining the compensation you deserve but also for safeguarding community safety and health. By holding corporations accountable for their actions, we work to prevent future harm and promote a safer environment for everyone. Trust The Downs Law Group to navigate the complexities of your case with expertise, compassion, and a steadfast commitment to justice.

Toxic Exposure

We represent nationwide clients in toxic exposure mass tort claims, ensuring justice and compensation for harm caused by hazardous and toxic substances in your environment or at your workplace.

Environmental Pollution

We fight for nationwide clients affected by environmental pollution toxic torts, seeking justice and compensation for harm caused by industrial spills, hazardous waste, and contaminated water or air.

Consumer Products

We are accepting product liability mass tort and class action cases for those seeking justice and compensation for injuries caused by defective products like faulty airbags, unsafe children's toys, hazardous cleaning products, and more!

Pharmaceutical Claims

We advocate for nationwide clients in pharmaceutical mass torts, securing justice and compensation for those harmed by dangerous drugs and defective medical devices.

Personal Injury

Representing individuals who have suffered personal health issues or injuries due to a wide range of certain hazards. Speak now with our personal injury legal team to build a case.

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"Standing up for the rights of those harmed by corporate negligence is not just our mission; it's our commitment to justice. We bring decades of experience and unwavering dedication to every mass tort and class action case we handle, ensuring our clients' voices are heard and their rights fiercely defended."

Scope of Legal Services

The Downs Law Group is currently accepting a variety of Class Action and Mass Tort cases.
Currently, the firm has handled the following cases to serve those affected by negligence:

BP Deepwater Horizon
Oil Spill Lawsuit

The Deepwater Horizon's ongoing impact drives our mission at The Downs Law Group. Operating across Texas, Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, and the Gulf Coast, we secure medical expense compensation for those harmed. Having witnessed firsthand the aftermath of the 2010 BP oil spill, our Southern roots deepen our resolve to aid recovery workers and affected communities. We operate on a no-win, no-fee basis and provide free initial consultations.

Image of Smoke Stack named Old Smokey in Coconut Grove Florida

'Old Smokey' Coconut Grove, Florida Lawsuit

“Old Smokey,” as it is colloquially called, was a municipal trash incinerator that operated in the segregated portion of Miami’s West Coconut Grove neighborhood for almost 50 years, beginning in 1926. Old Smokey was ultimately closed in 1970 after the City of Coral Gables, a predominately white neighborhood at the time, filed a nuisance lawsuit based on the fact that ash emitted from the Old Smokey incinerator was reaching its residents’ homes. The ash spewed across the community by the incinerator, and eventually buried across several West Coconut Grove parks, contained chemicals such dioxins, arsenic, lead and antimony – chemicals which are well-known to be harmful to human health.

Firefighters leaning against fire truck thinking about health

Firefighter Health Lawsuit

Regular exposure to certain firefighting foams containing PFAS can result in these 'forever chemicals' accumulating in firefighters' bodies, potentially leading to serious health complications over time. We fight for those suffering from illnesses linked to 'forever chemicals' (PFAS) also found in firefighting gear that can seep into firefighters' skin through sweat and other exposure routes, posing serious health risks over time.

Image of gavel and medical stethoscope as well as medication

Zantac Lawsuit

Zantac has been connected to high levels of cancer-causing chemicals. If you or a family member used Zantac for 3 months or more and developed cancer, you may be entitled to compensation.

Man wearing protective hearing ear muffs made by 3M

3M Hearing Lawsuit

Minneapolis-based 3M manufactured dual-ended earplugs for hearing protection from close range firearms and other loud impact noises. Due to the defective design, the earplugs can slightly loosen and subtly move out of the ear canal just enough for the loud sounds to cause hearing damage. According to reports, 3M knew of these design defects, but knowingly sold them to the US military from 2003-2015. As a result of the manufacturer of the defective earplugs failing to properly disclose the known defects and product limitations servicemen, woman, and combat veterans have reported multiple side effects, including hearing loss, tinnitus, or ringing in the ears, permanent hearing damage, and/or deafness.

Man spraying weed killer on his front yard lawn that is linked to health issues

Roundup Weed Killer Lawsuit

Roundup, a widely-used herbicide, has been linked to cancer, including non-Hodgkin lymphoma and leukemia. Despite its long history since 1974, concerns over glyphosate's carcinogenic potential were highlighted by the WHO in 2015. Many in Florida unknowingly faced Roundup's cancer risk. If you or a loved one in Florida has been diagnosed with cancer due to Roundup exposure, you may qualify for a lawsuit to seek compensation and hold Monsanto accountable.

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Mass Tort & Class Action Lawsuit FAQ

Navigating legal matters involving mass tort and class action lawsuits can be complex. Whether you're curious about eligibility, the differences between mass torts and class actions, or the benefits of joining such lawsuits, our FAQ's below aim to equip you with essential knowledge. Explore answers to frequently asked questions to better understand how these legal avenues may apply to your situation:

What is a mass tort lawsuit?

A mass tort lawsuit involves multiple plaintiffs who have suffered similar injuries or damages from a single product or incident. It allows these individuals to collectively pursue legal action against the responsible party.

How is a class action lawsuit different from a mass tort lawsuit?

In a class action lawsuit, one or more plaintiffs represent a larger group (class) of individuals who have suffered similar harm. A mass tort lawsuit, on the other hand, involves individual lawsuits that are consolidated due to similar circumstances but are often more tailored to each plaintiff's unique situation.

What types of cases qualify for a mass tort or class action lawsuit?

Cases involving defective products, pharmaceutical injuries, environmental disasters, consumer fraud, and workplace discrimination are common candidates for mass tort or class action lawsuits.

How do I know if I qualify to join a mass tort or class action lawsuit?

Qualifications depend on the specific details of each case. Typically, eligibility is determined based on whether you were harmed by the same product or incident as others involved in the lawsuit. Consulting with an attorney experienced in mass tort or class action litigation can clarify your eligibility.

What are the benefits of joining a mass tort or class action lawsuit?

Joining such lawsuits can provide strength in numbers, sharing legal costs, streamlined legal proceedings, and potentially higher chances of achieving just compensation compared to pursuing an individual lawsuit.

How can an attorney help me with a mass tort or class action lawsuit?

An experienced attorney can assess your case, gather evidence, negotiate settlements, represent you in court, and ensure your rights are protected throughout the legal process. They can also advise on whether joining a mass tort or class action lawsuit is the best course of action for your situation. For personalized advice and guidance on mass tort or class action lawsuits, schedule a free consultation with The Downs Law Group today.