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The Downs Law Group & Caro Law P.A.

Old Smokey Litigation,
Open House

On Saturday, December 9 from 10 AM - 5 PM, The Downs Law Group and Caro Law, P.A. hosted the first Old Smokey Litigation Open House Event at 3250 Mary Street, Suite 400, Coconut Grove, Florida 33133.

The Downs Law Group is partnered with Louise Caro at Caro Law, P.A. to represent potential class members against the City of Miami and Schmidt Consulting Engineers, Inc. (“SCS”). Those who attended the event learned more about the lawsuit, signed-up as a class members, spoke with attorneys, enjoyed refreshments & more!

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On The Agenda

Case Updates

Stay informed on all things Old Smokey litigation with the attorneys of The Downs Law Group and Caro Law P.A.

Live Question & Answers

Get one-on-one time with leading attorneys on this case to ask questions or provide feedback in a question-and-answer format with colleagues and friends.

Sign-Up Available

Join our open house if you are interested in signing up as a class action member or invite guests who may be interested in learning more!

Refreshments Served

Enjoy great food and beverages as you interact with guests, attorneys, and members of the Coconut Grove community.

Join In-Person or Online

Join the open house in person or online via Zoom! We will have answer questions and interact with those visiting us in-person or on Zoom.

Attending Attorneys & Staff

The following attorneys and staff members were present during this event to speak with current and potential class members, answer questions, and address concerns.

Circular image of Craig T. Downs, founding and principal attorney of The Downs Law Group.

Craig T. Downs

Founding & Principal Attorney

Headshot Photo of attorney C. David Durkee of The Downs Law Group.

C. David Durkee


Image of Attorney Louise Caro of Car Law P.A.

Louise Caro


Founder of Caro Law, P.A.

Image of Elsa De Lima, attorney at The Downs Law Group handing Mass tort and class action cases in Florida.

Elsa De Lima


Headshot Image of Jason Clark, an attorney at The Downs Law Group in Florida

Jason Clark


Image of staff member of The DOwns Law Group that assists with Old Smokey Cases.

Karen Leicht, C.P.A, B.A., M.B.A.