Toxic Exposure Claims

Assisting individuals who have been exposed to PFAS in occupational settings, such as firefighters, factory workers, or military personnel, in pursuing claims for compensation for health issues resulting from their exposure.

Environmental Pollution Lawsuits

Representing communities, municipalities, or environmental groups affected by PFAS contamination in groundwater, surface water, or soil, and seeking damages for the cleanup costs and harm caused to the environment.

Product Liability Claims

Taking action against manufacturers and distributors of products that contain PFAS, such as firefighting foams and firefighting gear, if their products have caused harm or contributed to environmental contamination.

VA Disability
Claim Appeals​

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At The Downs Law Group, we are proud to serve veterans across the nation with our dedicated ‘VA Disability Appeals’ practice. With 4 accredited VA attorneys, we provide unmatched talent in pursuing claims submitted to the VA, whether initially denied or given an unfavorable result. Our attorneys strive to ensure that your service-related disabilities are recognized, and you receive the benefits you deserve. We offer a free case evaluation and help veterans gather records for all claim types, making their fight for justice our mission.

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We are VA Accredited Attorneys

Service-Connected Disability Claims

We help prove connections between disabilities and military service, whether direct, latent, or secondary source conditions.

Non-Service Connected Appeals

We review claims that may have been denied due to non-service connected events, ensuring fair evaluation.

Healthcare Assistance Benefits

For veterans with 0-10 percent disability rating, we secure access to vital healthcare benefits.

Mental Health Conditions Support

Our dedicated attorneys assist with complex claims involving mental health conditions, including PTSD.

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"Our commitment to veterans goes beyond the courtroom. We understand the sacrifices made, and it is our honor to help ensure those who served receive the benefits and compensation they rightfully deserve."

VA Disability Claim Examples

Did you receive an unfavorable or denied VA disability status for any of the below claims?

Call us today for a free review of your claim to start the appeal process today!

Military solider with gasmask to prevent toxic exposure disability

Toxic Chemical Exposure

Throughout the decades, numerous veterans have faced exposure to harmful chemicals and environments, ranging from the notorious Agent Orange in Vietnam to the alarming burn pits in the Middle East, as well as less-known but equally dangerous hazards like PFAS and radiation. If you're dealing with health complications tied to toxic chemical exposure during military service, including those linked to PFAS, Agent Orange, radiation, or burn pits, it's vital to understand your rights and seek justice. 

Hearing Loss & Tinnitus

Struggling with service-related hearing impairment or persistent ringing in the ears? We specialize in VA claims concerning military-induced hearing loss and tinnitus, ensuring veterans in Florida get the recognition and compensation they need. If your hearing issues stemmed from active duty, our team is here to support.

Wheelchair pictured in hospital hallway belonging to disabled veteran

Spinal Cord Injuries/Paralysis

Combat or training incidents can lead to devastating military spinal cord injuries or paralysis. We champion the rights of veterans facing mobility challenges due to service-acquired spinal trauma. Let our expertise guide your claim to success.

Image of child hugging veteran that served in the military suffering from PFAS contamination

Secondary Source Conditions: Type 2 Diabetes, PTSD Treatment & More

Complex scenarios, such as developing Type 2 Diabetes after PTSD medication, can still be linked back to your service. Our team has vast experience with secondary VA claims, tracing conditions back to their military-related origins, ensuring you're not left without the benefits you deserve.

Disability sign on building for non-service members with wheelchair

Non-Service Connected Disabling Events

Denials due to perceived non-military-related injuries can often be contested. We delve deep into the nuances of your case, ensuring that conditions, even if initially seen as unrelated to military service, get the scrutiny and attention they deserve.

Doctor reviewing xray of lungs damaged from military training

Breathing Problems & Respiratory Conditions

Exposure to hazardous environments during service can lead to chronic respiratory problems. If you’re experiencing breathing difficulties from military deployments or other activities, our VA attorneys are well-versed in securing rightful compensation for service-related lung conditions.

Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI)

Injuries from IEDs, falls, or other incidents during service can result in traumatic brain injuries. With an understanding of military-related TBI cases, our team offers unparalleled guidance to veterans navigating the complex VA claim process.

Knee Injuries & Joint Problems

The physical demands of military service often lead to joint injuries, especially to the knees. We support veterans with knee injuries from military training or active duty, ensuring they receive proper compensation for their service-related joint problems.

Burns, Scarring, or Disfigurement

Whether from combat incidents or training accidents, burns and scarring can have lasting impacts. Our attorneys excel in representing veterans with military-acquired burns and ensure their rights to compensation for service-induced disfigurement are upheld.

Amputations & Nerve Damage

Military duties can unfortunately result in serious injuries like amputations. If you're coping with limb loss due to military service or suffering from nerve damage from active duty, we are here to champion your VA disability claim.

Mental Health Conditions

Mental health is as crucial as physical well-being. If you're facing challenges like PTSD or others from combat experiences or other service-related mental health conditions, our seasoned VA attorneys are dedicated to ensuring you get the support and compensation you deserve.

& Many More

Since 1917, the VA has provided benefits to veterans, including programs for compensating disabilities and medical conditions resulting from military service.

Meet Our VA Accredited Attorneys

The Downs Law Group's Veteran Affairs (VA) Disability Claim Appeals Team is comprised of 4 attorneys:

Jason Larey

VA Accredited Attorney

Image of Jason Clark at The Downs Law Group

Jason Clark

VA Accredited Attorney

Elsa De Lima

VA Accredited Attorney

Image of Alexander Blume, attorney at The Downs Law Group

Alexander Blume

VA Accredited Attorney

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