Photo of Jason Clark and Jason Larey announcing they are accredited VA attorneys

Accredited VA Attorneys at The Downs Law Group

The Downs Law Group is happy to announce that our resourceful attorneys, Jason M. Larey and Jason Clark, have achieved accreditation from the Department of Veterans Affairs (“VA”), a prestigious acknowledgment that underscores their competence and commitment to advocating for veterans in the United States.

The VA accreditation is a testament to an attorney’s expertise and capability, granted only to those who satisfy the rigorous standards set forth by the VA. The intent behind this mandate is to safeguard claimants for VA benefits by ensuring they receive professional, competent assistance in processing their claims.

Being VA-accredited is both a privilege and a responsibility, requiring the attorney to uphold certain conduct standards and abide by the laws overseeing VA representations, as stated in the United States Code and the Code of Federal Regulations.

According to federal law, attorneys lacking this accreditation are forbidden from aiding claimants in the preparation, presentation, and prosecution of VA claims, whether or not they levy legal fees for their services. Those attorneys lacking accreditation can only provide limited assistance to veterans, like sharing general information about VA benefits but are not permitted to assist veterans in actively processing their claims.

This VA accreditation system is orchestrated to ensure that attorneys representing VA claimants possess an in-depth comprehension of the VA health and benefit systems, enabling them to provide quality assistance in preparing, presenting, and prosecuting claims.

Alongside their VA attorney accreditation, Mr. Larey and Mr. Clark focus in various areas of practice including mass tort and class action cases against PFAS manufacturers that contaminate veterans and civilians’ water supply, gear, and body with harmful “forever chemicals.” This accreditation enables The Downs Law Group to offer complex legal advice to veterans and their families.

Both Mr. Larey and Mr. Clark are proud to join the limited pool of attorneys in Florida accredited by the VA to assist our country’s veterans in securing the benefits and justice they are entitled to.

For a free case consultation and more information about VA Compensation and Pension Benefits, feel free to reach us at (305) 444-8226.