Honoring Veterans for Memorial Day with a GSF Donation

As Memorial Day approaches, a time when we pause to honor the bravery and sacrifices of our nation’s veterans, The Downs Law Group takes a moment to express our deepest gratitude to those who have served in the Armed Forces. Headquartered in Miami, Florida, and recognized as a VA-Accredited law firm specializing in mass tort, class action, toxic tort, and personal injury cases, we stand in unwavering support of our military personnel.

“We are particularly honored to stand by our military clients navigating the VA Disability Appeals process and seeking justice in toxic exposure claims against PFAS manufacturers,” affirms Craig T. Downs, Founder and Principal Attorney of The Downs Law Group. “Our deepest gratitude goes out to veterans who have courageously answered the call of duty, pledging to safeguard and defend this great nation.”

In recognition of their service, The Downs Law Group has donated over $500 on behalf of its attorneys and staff to the Gary Sinise Foundation (GSF). This foundation, guided by the philanthropic vision of esteemed actor and humanitarian Gary Sinise, is dedicated to assisting America’s heroes, their families, and the loved ones of fallen heroes during challenging times.

Since its establishment, the Gary Sinise Foundation has completed 91 specially adapted smart homes for severely wounded veterans and modified or retrofitted 127 homes for defenders in need. Moreover, it has provided 590 emergency relief funds to first responders and distributed 73 specially adapted vehicles to enhance the daily lives of our nation’s heroes. Additionally, the foundation has served over one million meals to our defenders across the country and overseas.

At The Downs Law Group, we are committed to supporting military personnel and firefighters who suffer from severe health conditions, such as cancer, stemming from exposure to PFAS chemicals, also known as “forever chemicals.” These toxic substances, found in firefighting gear, foam, and military base drinking water due to toxic runoff, have had devastating effects on the health of our servicemen and women.

Our attorneys stand ready to assist veterans in VA Disability Appeals, offering unparalleled expertise in pursuing claims submitted to the VA, whether initially denied or given an unfavorable result. We provide free evaluation of legal cases and medical test results as well as assisting veterans in the gathering of necessary records for all claim types, ensuring that their fight for justice becomes our mission.

Moreover, our commitment to our clients is reflected in our policy: “If You Don’t Win, You Don’t Pay.” This means that we do not collect any fees from clients during litigation stages until after the case has been determined as compensable by the courts.

For veterans seeking guidance and support in navigating VA disability appeals or pursuing PFAS toxic tort cases, we invite you to contact The Downs Law Group today. Schedule a free case review with a VA-Accredited professional to discuss your rights and options. Call us at (305) 444-8226 or email us at [email protected].

At The Downs Law Group, honoring veterans is not just a tribute; it’s our solemn commitment.